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daisiesThere’s far too much ugliness in the world. Whether that’s urban grime or some eyesore despoiling the countryside. We need to make an effort to counter this and make the world more beautiful.

Don’t just moan, do your bit to get some beautiful things out there and who knows where this action might lead. It could be the start of a new double life adventure.

Beauty comes in many forms and here’s a few ideas that you could use:

  • Dump the ugly modern car that looks exactly like the next one or is just plain ugly because the designers (surely an abuse of the term) were trying too hard to be different. If only there was an ugly car tax to help people realize there is a choice. It’s one great way to have fun and bring some visual charm to the world. Why not drive a classic mini? A nicely restored one can be had for less the cost of a tatty modern one. If you want to save the planet then a classic steel framed bicycle will look better than any modern stead.
  • Brighten your office. Why not put a vase of flowers on your desk or ask if you can hang some of your photos in the corridor?
  • Fill your front garden with beautiful blooms. If you don’t have a garden (and you’re not that worried about being strictly legal) you could always engage in some guerrilla gardening by planting up some wasted corner of the neighbourhood in the dead of night. OK you could join a conservation or community group and do the same but the adrenaline rush might not be as strong.
  • Join the campaign to save and restore a local landmark. It might not work but at least you tried. Alternatively campaign for the daring new building in your city that removes an ugly old landmark. Where I live (Bath, UK) there’s always plenty of debate on this one. I’m not sure I care about what the right outcome is (though I lean towards a bit of modernism). But I do delight in the fact that people care passionately about where they live.
  • Add pictures to your emails and, if you have to, your presentations. Or just dispense with the dull electronic communication and use hand written notes.

What will you do to make the world more beautiful this week?

2 thoughts on “Make the world beautiful

  1. This week my plan is to try to help as many people as possible, in whatever ways I’m able to! I love things that are physically beautiful, but making people feel beautiful makes me feel even better.

    Actually, maybe I should pick up a plant or two for my desk while I’m at it.. :)

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