Adventurous Living

adventuous livingAdventurous living means taking risks.

You don’t get into the territory of risk without getting off the well worn path, off the beaten track and out of the ruts of your comfort zone.

You have to do something different.

You have to take action.

That means not just talking about it, not just wistfully thinking maybe.

I’ve written previously about mysterious sparks (aka lifewhacks) those moments when your mind lights up, you know, you are determined to do. Not just that feeling of a possibility but an absolute compulsion to act, to put that thought into action – not matter what, no excuses.

Those moments come only to the those who are ready for adventurous living.

How do you become ready? What preparations can you make?

An Adventurous Living Charter

Get Organized. Make sure you’ve created the space, time, money and resources for more adventure in your life.

Seek Inspiration. If you avoid new and novel ideas, art, people, places and experiences then you’ll never hear anything that will be your call to adventure.

Be Motivated. To take action you must want to. You must unearth those things that hold you back, keep you tethered. Break free. That means dealing with your fears and inner demons.

Know yourself. If you don’t know who you really are, you personality, values, fears and dreams then it’s not adventure but aimless wandering. The right adventures bring joy, triumph over adversity and more self-knowledge.

Take action. By doing something – anything – you’ll discover more, learn more and be better at taking risks. A taste for action is needed for adventure. Actions don’t have to be big. A small step is better than the regret of not having taken any.

What your adventure is up to you. It could be the physical challenge of a long-distance trail, or the intellectual endeavour of writing a novel. Others will want to travel or meet new people, not with the tourist hordes but perhaps to work with them.

What will your adventure be and what’s the first step you are going to take?

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  1. Hi, Peter! I like the idea that each day is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with life and experience. Staying inside and doing the same boring stuff every day is unhealthy for the mind.

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