5 inspirations from a strange self-portrait

self-portrait“We perform ourselves over time” – Grayson Perry

If you want a strange self-portrait that will inspire then look no further than Grayson Perry’s “Map of Days”.

Even the title of British artist and sculptor Grayson Perry’s self-portrait “Map of Days” gives us a hint that this isn’t the usual face painted with oils.

So what is it and how does it inspire?

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Steam Punk It! Limiting your technology

Steam TrainSteam punk is a fantasy world in which mainstream technology stopped developing.

Steam is the power, engineers deal with real engines and it’s hands-on inventing your new contraption whilst looking good in Victorian garb.

But could we wind back the clock and really live like that? And what would the benefits be?

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Resolutions Redux

shoesIt’s that time of year when, full of unrealistic optimism, we set resolutions in an effort to make ourselves fitter, healthier, more productive and as consequence, we hope, happier.

But is it worth it? Don’t all these resolutions fizzle out before the end of January because it’s such a rubbish time of the year to start anything new?

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