Ultimatum motivation: 6 ways to make it happen

ultimatum motivationUltimatum motivation is for those of us that need a bit of time pressure to get things done. Most of us need a bit of pressure to get motivated and the more motivated we are the more chance we’ll be successful in our goals.

But how do you put this motivation into place when there isn’t an external deadline looming?

What do you do for your personal projects that no-one else cares about and where there’s no one to hold you to account on whether you do them or not?

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Ditch the big dream

big dreamYou have a big dream of a sunny future because you want to change your current job, car, home, fitness, or even entire life.

You’ve even visualised the new big dream in the hope that it’ll somehow “manifest” itself.

And you’ve found that nothing has changed. You’ve done nothing.

So, it’s time to ditch the big dream and take a different approach.

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